Summer Time Internet Safety

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With more free time on their hands, authorities say children need supervision, with a topic that never used to be such an issue, as it is today.

"Parents need to realize that there is a huge push for social media now a days and internet use is at all time high, parents need to teach their kids, what the internet is about the good and the bad," said LT. Pat Gherky, Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Officials say within the last couple of years, the cases regarding cyber-bullying and sexting among kids has risen dramatically.

"We have seen more in the last few years, with the advancements in social media, more complaints over cyber bullying, sexting, the biggest issue we have had lately is the photographs," said LT. Gherky.

Internet safety becomes a real concern especially during these summer months with free time out of school.

LT. Gherky says parents need to be checking their child's phone multiple times a week for safety.

"I would recommend a couple times a week, for sure, and different times of the day and night," he said.

Over at Ely Chapman summer camp, Alice Chapman, Founder, Chair and Academic Director takes cell phone use very seriously. She says says cell phones are not to be used during the day unless a child needs it for medical or transportation reasons.

"But for young children no, they shouldn't need it, if they do have to have it, we should find a way to block it, parents should check it every single day, parents should have access to passwords on it and everything, every single day, even for a child that is 16 years old, parents should still check it every single day," said Chapman.

With internet and social media dangers on the rise, officials say the best way to keep your kids say is to always communicate.

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