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It's that time of year again, the hot weather is upon us – and that means sunscreen.

Wear it and have a better chance of preventing skin cancer.

Dr. Kara Shamblin, a family doctor at Camden Clark Primary Care says the importance of using sunscreen cannot be underestimated.

She says even though most of us want to have a nice tan, it only looks nice when you're young. As we age, that tan is what turns into basal cell and other carcinomas.

“Have at least a 30 SPF sunscreen, that gives us the most protection. A 50 is really good, especially on the nose because the nose sticks out and seems to get more burned, so 50 is a good idea to have on the nose. But a minimum of 30 is recommended by most dermatologists,” Shamblin says.

Shamblin removes or does cryosurgery daily on people with skin cancer, so she says remember, the only safe tan is a spray tan or self tanner.

The doctor also recommends a hat because she says it's kind of hard to put sunscreen in the middle of your hairline.

You can now find swimsuits that have sun protection built right into them too.

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