UPDATE: Super Special Saturday Success For The Humane Society

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UPDATE Sept. 25th, 2011 10:44pm

A super busy saturday at the Humane Society of Parkersburg found some very lucky shelter animals a new home.

Executive Director of the Humane Society, Maryann Hollis, says six shelter animals have found new forever homes and an additional seven adoption applications are pending.

Hollis says the typical Saturday will usually see five or six adoptions. So, having 6 approved and another seven waiting for approval is, as she says, a very successful day.
Whether looking for a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten, Saturday was extra special at the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

"We decided to do a day of sponsorship on select animals for adoption," says Executive Director of the Humane Society of Parkersburg, Maryann Hollis. "We know one of the biggest parts of adopting is the cost of the spay and neuter. It has to get done. So, there have been contributions made toward select animals for adoption to help defray the cost."

The discounted adoption rates proved to be the perfect incentive for many, as a number of animals were placed in forever homes. Another incentive for potential new animal owners was knowing the positive impacts of adoption like saving a life.

"We'd rather adopt a dog that is in need, than just go out and buy one that is from a regular store that breeds them.," says Catherine Mossor, who was looking to adopt a dog. "So, this is saving a dog."

Before those pets can leave the shelter however, officials at Humane Society do everything they can to make sure animals can stay in their new homes forever.

"We get to know the animal pretty well. We want to make sure the energy level, and what we can find out about them in a shelter environment, will match what the family is expecting," Hollis explains. "If there are any current pets in the home we do make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations. And also if there is a landlord involved in the property we do check with the landlord and make sure that it is okay for the person to have a pet and see if there are any restrictions."

A super special day that saved some very special animals.

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