Superintendent Gets "Unsatisfactory" Evaluation

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On a night when the retroactive suspension of a teacher for reasons unspecified was changed to an immediate termination, the Wood County Board of Education said Superintendent Dr. Pat Law did not meet two of the three performance requirements the board set out for him a year ago.

"After much deliberation," said Board President Tim Yeater, "and placing an emphasis on Wood County for thorough and effective leadership, Dr. Law has received an unsatisfactory evaluation for 2014."

Law did get approval for meeting goals for student achievement, including a recent national accreditation review.

The results of the evaluation may not have much effect on Dr. Law's status, given that he has already announced he is retiring at the end of the school year.

Dr. Law had no comment on the evaluation.

This also comes as the board is considering a more detailed policy for investigating violations of the school system's code of conduct.

"Our administrators work very hard," Mike Windland, Director of Secondary Education, told the board, "but they wear many different hats, and this is not an area there's been a lot of training in."

There was no item up for a vote on a financing plan for the remainder of the costs for last year's stadium field project. But aside from a more than 30-minute closed-door session with Prosecutor Jason Wharton, there was little discussion, either.

"Have Jason, (PHS) Principal Pam Goots, Athletic Director Lori Lowers, sit down with the parties involved-not that we want to move the banks out of the loan picture-but bring them in, and as a group, find a solution," Yeater said after the executive session ended.

Yeater reiterated a need for closure on the stadium issue. but keeping in mind an expected audit, the matter appears far from resolved.