Supporters Of Affordable Care Act Gather at Marietta College

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Obamacare supporters along with State Representative Debbie Phillips gathered at Marietta College's Andrews Hall Thursday afternoon in an effort to highlight Obamacare's positive aspects.

Phillips called on Congressman Bill Johnson to start listening to his district and stop fighting the law.

She says there are a lot of things that people like about the law, including young kids being able to stay on their parents insurance and the reduced prescription drug cost.

She says many do not realize these positive are all part of the new health care law.

"And also to encourage people as the website is improving, after its very difficult beginning, to take a look at the plans that are available, there are certainly a lot of choices for people here in the area," she says.

Congressman Johnson's complete statement:

"I will continue fighting to protect those in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio from Obamacare's harmful impacts, and to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, quality healthcare.

In addition to voting to delay and defund Obamacare and voting to ensure that hard working Americans can keep their insurance plans they like -- I'm supporting legislation that, unlike Obamacare, would actually let Americans choose the healthcare plan that is right for them, reduce costs, and increase access.

For example, I'm a cosponsor of legislation that would crack down on one of the biggest drivers of costs -- the practice of defensive medicine by so many doctors scared of being hit with junk lawsuits.

We need real medical malpractice reform, but we also need to give Americans the choice to expand their use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), we need healthcare portability from state to state and job to job to increase competition.

We should also continue allowing young people to remain on their parent's policy until age 26, as well as ensuring that those with pre-existing conditions have access to quality, affordable care."

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