Supporting The Vets In Every Way She Can

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To help area veterans, one Williamstown third grader decides to take action Saturday night.

She can't provide vets a home, but she does figure-out a way to fill some empty stomachs.

Kameron Beck organized a Chili Cook-Off Contest at the American Legion.

People came out to support her cause by chowing-down on several chili recipes.

Those recipes were then judged by a local panel of who you could call "chili connoiseurs".

And as delicious as a great bowl of chili can be, little Kameron says that wasn't her first cuisine of choice for helping our vets.

"First, I asked my mom for a pumpkin pie cook-off but no, there's only so many ways to make pumpkin pie then next I said how about ribs and then my mom says those are expensive, we won't have that many people and then my mom says how about a chili cook-off," says Beck.

all proceeds will be used to purchase Christmas gifts for veteran patients at a hospital in Clarksburg.

Beck and members of her Junior American Legion Ladies Auxiliary has donated over $1,000 from Saturday's Chili Cook-Off Contest.

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