Suspect Arrested In Business Incident

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A Vienna man is accused of getting into an arguement at a Camden Avenue auto shop, and striking one of its employees.

Calls to the Parkersburg Police Department say Brandon Scott Enoch arrived at a Camden Avenue business-appearing to be under the influence and claiming he was in fear for his life.

Police say Enoch punched an employee in the mouth and later threw a large rock through a window.

At first, people thought he had a knife.

"He did not appear to have any affiliation with the people at the business. He was also claiming to be in fear for his life," said Sgt. Greg Collins. "All these things caused a significant amount of concern for our officers when arriving on the scene (Tuesday)."

Enoch is charged with battery and destruction of property and arraigned in Wood County Magistrate Court.

He is being housed at the North Central Regional Jail.

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