Take a Summer Break and Give Blood, You Could Save a Life

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When someone is admitted to the hospital there isn't always a guarantee that blood is available. There are certain times of the year that blood reaches a critical shortage and that time happens to be now... particularly O positive and R H negative blood types.

"The blood shortage is significant, severe is a relative term," says Dr. Gregory Moses, medical director of the Camden Clark Medical Center lab. "I think it's important for people to know, regardless of what term is used out there publicly that they have an opportunity to donate blood."

Inquire through your local Red Cross what criteria must be met in order to donate and go there and observe the process... as soon as you're ready, give.

"At least look at the process and see what's involved and understand that maybe one of their loved ones may need blood on a given day," Moses says.

You know that you've done your part to help save a life.

"It'd be terrific if they'd already donated blood and contributed to relieving the shortage right now," Moses says.

Camden Clark is having a blood drive of their own on August 10th to alleviate some of the problem and make sure patients in need have an adequate supply.

"To do our part of contributing we encourage the Camden Clark employees to come to our blood drives to increase our inventory levels," says Tena Roush, blood bank supervisor of the CCMC Memorial Campus.

Summer is the time when the blood banks run exceptionally low and you can make a difference.

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