Takin' It To The...Sidewalks

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Some residents think the idea of folks selling items on Marietta's streets is a good idea, while others question the idea of the city's streets lined with outside dining, and possibly street vendors.

"Depends on what kind of vendor it is, too," says Lisa Bammerlin. "If it's food vendors, it would bring in a lot of business for everyone."

Currently the only example of that is at Fourth and Greene Streets, where a vendor is selling food on private property. There also have been concessionaires at events like the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival. Early in 2012, Steve Barros tried to provide an outside eating area at his Skyline Café on Putnam Street.

"I was unaware of an existing ordinance that was in effect," Barros says, "that did not allow chairs and tables outside your facility unless a permit was insured from the courthouse."

The measure council might reportedly consider as soon as Thursday night allows for outside dining, adjacent to the business, and could temporarily allow street vendors at special events at the city's parks. It might prove to be an attraction to the city's summer tourists.

"We're waiting for city council to clearly communicate with everyone what the ordinance stipulates," Barros says. "I think there is much confusion among the merchants in town as to what that ordinance states."

Marietta City Council meets Thursday night at 7-30 for its regular meeting at Lookout Park on Lancaster Street.

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