Taking Exercise to New Heights

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They've become very popular all around the United States, and it's the valley's turn to run through the mud.

The Ohio Valley Mud Run festivities include camping, concerts and an obstacle course through the mud and Belpre fairgrounds.

Events start on July 19th with a concert by Boba-Flex and opening act Mirror-Mirror.

There are different courses for all ages and abilities including a 100 meter, 5K and 10K.

Spokesperson Angie Offenberger says it will take participants anywhere from 45 mins to 3-4 hours. She says the group putting this together wanted to bring something fun to the area and to give people something to work toward.

"Actually just wanted to bring something to the area that is something fun. Cool and fun for people to do and challenge themselves," says the representative.

Tickets are still available and will be available that morning as well.