Taking Out The Trash

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A stereo which predated I-Pods, Walkmans and even component systems, was among several items which was left for recycling at the annual two-day Wood County cleanup at Erickson Field. There are few examples of what won't be taken.

"They won't be taking televisons, or any dangerous chemicals, like pesticides, oils and antifreeze," said John Reed, Chairman, Wood County Solid Waste Authority.

DuPont has been a partner with the authority in the two-day event for several years. Organizers believe it has had an effect in cleaning up the local environment.

"Some of the folks who live in some of the outlying areas have told us that, definitely, dumps have been cleaned up," said Paul Thornton, the authority's vice-chairman. "A lot of the trash has been taken out of the streams, and we are putting it in the landfill now, rather than having it just thrown over the hill."

Phil Smith friday brought in some old tires; something that's one of the items often visible in rural areas.

"They do a good job of picking things up. In fact, they ought to have it twice a year," Smith said. "You can see how many people are in here, getting rid of stuff. I think it's great."

While it's open only to Wood County residents, the cleanup will continue Saturday from 8 a.m.-4p.m.

Organizers are expecting something close to last year's collections.

In 2011, they collected 106,000 pounds of computers, more than 6100 pounds of batteries and 10,000 vehicle tires.

In the tonnage department...33 tons of paint and 26 tons of metal were turned in, and 154 tons of household trash were taken to area landfills.