Task Forces Keep Strong Presence in the Mid-Ohio Valley

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After the largest drug bust in twenty years, authorities say the community should feel good about the task forces here in the valley.

Wood and Washington County working together, to bring down drug dealers across state lines.

Support from the state level, The Ohio Organized Investigation Crime Commission directed by Attorney General Mike DeWine helps fund the Major Crimes Task Force in Washington County

The drugs are so prevalent in the area the force is always working on cases, many for years at a time. And even more successful when working together across state lines.

"The community should feel pretty good about that, Southeastern Ohio that doesn't have a large city, like you have up north, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton area and they are committing resources to Southeastern Ohio," said Major Brian Schuck, Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Director of the Major Crimes Task Force, Major Schuck says dealers think if they cross state lines they can't get caught.

With the Narcotics Task Force and others in Parkersburg and Wood County, they have one of the strongest enforcements possible.

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