Task Force Busts Three Novelty Shops Selling K2

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The Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force was busy Thursday afternoon serving warrants for three shops selling K2.

"The people that come in here and buy these illegal drugs, K2, Bath Salts..whatever they are...it's just wreaking havoc on our society in general and our mission is to eliminate it completely," says Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin.

And eliminating three novelty shops in Parkersburg was the goal Thursday. All of them accused of selling K2.

"These three businesses here, once we identified who they were and what they were doing in addition to their normal course of business we started our investigation within our own department and paralleled it with the task force investigation and tried to put a stop to it, and that's why were here," Chief Martin explains.

Parkersburg Police say M and K Novelties, Modern Adult Book Store and Awesome Air all sold K2 to task force agents, and now the search beings. Warrants executed will collect evidence to determine if the stores have any other illegal drugs.

"We do for a fact within the last month they did sell some illegal stuff, contraband, K2 and or Bath Salts to our department so that stuff's already been at the lab and we have results confirming it's illegal. What we seize today will also go to the lab."

Mikeal Marshall lives next door to Awesome Air. He says he knew the shop was selling illegal drugs. "There's been a lot of traffic in and out of here even late at night and we really didn't appreciate it."

But Marshall does appreciate the hard work of the task force to bust the shop and hopefully put them out of business for good.
"I'm glad to see traffic's gonna stop and quit the neighborhood down and keep the people away that do that stuff."

And police say they'll continue to raid shops selling illegal drugs until those shops themselves become illegal.

"We haven't done any businesses since the Smokey Joe incident that kinda subdued it and hopefully this will send another message again. We'll do it as many times as we have to do it until there's ordinances in place that prohibit businesses from operating in the city," Chief Martin says.

Police say they believe the attempted robbery last week of M and K is related to the shop selling K2.

No arrests have been made, but we will continue to bring you information on WTAP and WTAP.com.

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