Taste of Parkersburg

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Indulge in the tastes, sounds and culture that Parkersburg has to offer -- downtown this weekend.

It's the Taste of Parkersburg this Friday and Saturday, May 31 and June 1.

The festival of sight, sound and taste is all about the local musicians, artisans, restaurants, beer and wine distributors coming together to bring you an eclectic experience only in Parkersburg.

"A great opportunity to partake in the local restaurants that we have," says Carrie Nesselrode, executive director of Downtown PKB. "They're all local, independent restaurants; we have 15 that'll be participating on Saturday. So it's a great way to sample and try different foods and just find different places that you'd like to go back, if you've never been before."

There will also be 25 wine vendors participating with more than 100 different types of wines.

For all the connoisseurs out there, you get to try without having to buy and find what you like.

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