Taste of Parkersburg

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Hundreds packed the park for a little taste of everything.

Forty vendors spend days prepping for the event. From wine and beer to pulled pork and bananas foster they truly have a big spread.

It's a great way for businesses to advertise without the cost, and it's a unique event for the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"The marketing aspect of it for my restaurant is impeccable. I mean I get to sell my product, not for top dollar, but enough to cover the costs, and then I get to do a lot of advertising and marketing and let people know that I'm still out there," says restauranteur Gene Butler.

"It's great for individuals in the community too because you're not going to be able to go anywhere and see a massive amount of culinary expertise as well as wines and beers that these people do on a day to day basis. You just can't go to that many places in one day. This way you get to sample everybody's wares," says Chef Yancy Roush, owner of Yancy's Five Star Catering.

Cecil Childress says advance ticket sales were up 15 to 20 percent from last year.

And this year they added reserved seating and extra tents in case of rain, which ended up coming in handy.

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