Tax Breaks and Medicare Brings Demonstrators

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They call it life or death issues. Holding signs, a group gathers in front of Representative Bill Johnson's office in Marietta concerning tax breaks and health care.

"We want to show our support for more fair taxes and for the party that is supporting this position because the other side is not," says one demonstrator.

Protesters say it's about Representative Bill Johnson's recent vote to give a $160,000 tax break to the richest while raising taxes for 25 million others. They say this vote would also cut Medicare and Medicaid.

"We're here to carry a direct message to him," continues another demonstrator. "Disapproval of his tax policy that is detrimental to the vast majority of his constituents and all Ohioans. It will damage programs that are vital to the existence of families and their financial and medical security such as medicare and medicaid."

The group held a big check made payable to "Millionaires" for $160,000, while also presenting the Congressman's office with a check saying the same.

One demonstrator says presenting Congressman Johnson with the check shows why they're there in black and white. "We're going to tell him, look stop giving millionaires an $160,000 tax break and don't mess around with our medicare."

Congressman Johnson was not in the area but did issue the following statement to WTAP News:

"I'm disappointed that political opponents have chosen to completely misrepresent my position on important issues outside the office where we're working so hard for the people of Eastern and Southeastern Ohio. So, allow me to set the record straight. I'm fighting to protect Medicare for seniors and also to preserve it for generations to come. Let's not forget that it is Congressman Charlie Wilson who voted to help Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi cut Medicare by over $700 billion when they passed Obamacare."

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