Teacher Remembered After Fatal Accident

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The Pleasants County School District is grieving the loss of a special needs teacher after she was killed in a car accident Monday evening.

"Mrs. Mortensen was a teacher at Pleasants County Middle School. She's been a part of the Pleasants County Schools family for the past eight years," says Superintendent Michael Wells.

Kim Kehrer, Pleasants County Schools Director of Special Programs says, "she was probably one of the most devoted teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

Devoted to her students. Her time with them cut short. Sharon Mortensen was leaving work Monday evening when she was killed in a tragic accident.

"The accident occurred after she had worked late because she was trying to finish up some things that she knew would make a difference in her children's lives," Kehrer says.

She's remembered by her co-workers as a hard worker always finding new ways to educate and inspire.

"Bouncing ideas off of me. Asking for input in how she could better meet the needs of her kids. And that's what she considered them. They were her kids. She was so energetic in her job. She was so meticulous with details, over thought everything because she wanted to make sure she was doing everything she could for her kids and that made her a joy to work with," Kehrer adds.

Wells says, "everyone's obviously taking it very hard. We're a small school system so it's like family.

A tight knight bond of family within the Pleasants County Schools that spreads from the staff to the students to the parents.

One parent spoke to Kehrer after she found out about the accident. "Her comment to me was, 'I just found out my daughter had her in class. She's very upset because she loved her.' I think that probably summarizes how those kids feel about her."

Feelings of sadness over losing a loving teacher, co-worker and family member.

"Mrs. Mortensen certainly will be missed," Wells says.

"She can't be replaced. We'll find someone else who will bring their own gifts to the position, but there will never be another Mrs. Mortensen," says Kehrer.

The school system had grief counselors on hand Tuesday. They'll be available to staff and students as long as they're needed.

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