Teacher Safety

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UPDATE: 10/24/13 6:30 PM

A cold blooded killing of a beloved Boston teacher by one of her own students sends shock waves through schools across the country. Now teacher safety comes into serious question here at home.

Hamilton Middle School teacher Julie Oldfield says it's disturbing to hear of something like this happening and that kids are capable of such violence.

She says as teachers they come into the classroom thinking the students are sweet and respectful, but they know that's not always the case.

“It's always disturbing and it's scary to think of the fact that students could turn on teachers when we have given our lives to be with them and we've chosen to deal with them on a daily basis,” Oldfield says.

Despite the awful news, the reading specialist says they chose this profession and they can't let it hinder what they're there to do everyday.

A beloved Boston teacher is killed in the prime of her life by one of her own students.

Now teacher safety comes into serious question here at home.

Wood County Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Law says it's troubling that these terrible events have happened.

He says our hearts and thoughts go out to these communities and the families of the fine people who lost their lives so brutally.

"You look at the education system and the millions of children that are in school today and I would assume millions of teachers that we have out there... that they're relatively safe. This is one of the safest places that an individual can be," he says.

Even in the face of such violence, Law says a child is even safer at school than in their own home.

In Wood County, they do everything possible to ensure that.

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