"Team Kristin Beatty" at the Erickson 5K

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26-year-old Kristin Beatty crossed the finish line Saturday morning at the Erickson 5K in Parkersburg.

Less than two weeks ago on June 8th, Kristin was hit by a car and ultimately had to have her right leg amputated, just above the knee.

But today she got back to doing what she loves most. And that's 5K races.

As a member of the River City Runners and Walkers group that runs races all across the Mid Ohio Valley, the group wanted to support her and started "Team Kristin". They made sure to wear the special tee shirts for Kristin as well.

"You hate to see somebody go through what she's gone through and we knew we'd be there for her because she's such a fun, positive, happy person. She embodies the spirit of what a race is," says Scott Simonton, member of Team Kristin.

Kristin's fiancee, Mark Lambert, pushed her in her wheelchair for much of the race. But she got up and finished the last few yards on her own, coming in at a time of 39:30.

"Team Kristin" raised over $500 for her at the race.

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