Teen Accused of Assaulting Teacher

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Washington County Career Center Superintendent Dennis Blatt tells WTAP News the student accused of assaulting a teacher is not a Washington County Career Center student.

Blatt says the student is part of the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center which serves programs such as Emotionally Disturbed, or ED Program.

Blatt says while the alleged assault did happen on WCCC grounds, this program simply uses a classroom at the Washington County Career Center but is not a part of the school itself.
A student faces a charge of assaulting his teacher at the Washington County Career Center

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says it all happened on Friday, when a 17-year-old Whipple teen got mad at his teacher during class.

Deputies say the student called the teacher names and tried to leave the room.

They say the teacher blocked the doorway and that's when the teen head butted her in the nose and kicked her in the knee.

The teen's name is not being released, but he is charged with delinquency by assault.

He will appear in juvenile court.

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