Teen's Uncle Files Wrongful Death Suit

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UPDATE: 3/29 4:30PM

The family of Lamarr Wilder, the 19-year old stabbed to death at a Belpre party in June of 2010, is filing a wrongful death suit against the people they believe are responsible for the teen's death.

According to the complaint, Wilder's uncle, Leonard Wesley, is suing James and Shenandoah Walraven, the host's of the party, Todd and Joanna Knapp, the owner's of the home where the party took place, Cameron Lucas, the minor who stabbed Wilder and his parents.

The suit claims the Walravens and the parents of the Lucas failed to exercise responsible care to protect Wilder from physical injury.

According to the document, Wesley is suing the defendants for $50,000 in damages.

A damages hearing is set for May 13 in Judge Susan Boyer's courtroom.

A teen convicted of negligent homicide was sentenced in an Athens county courtroom Friday.

17-year-old Cameron Lucas will spend 90 days in a juvenile detention center after being convicted for stabbing and killing Lamarr Wilder at a party in Washington county last summer.

That is the maximum sentence for the crime.

The Athens County prosecutor's office tells us Lucas has also been placed on probation indefinitely.

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