Teens Accused Of Killing Neighbors Pet Duck With Pipe

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A Marietta family is mourning the loss of their pet duck. Humane Officers say two teens are responsible for killing the duck and it's eggs.

Kathy and Roger Bonnette had two very unusual members of the family.

"They would come to us and eat whenever we would feed them corn. They were our pets. We loved them very much," Kathy says.

A white duck and a mallard duck were those pets. They fell in love and made a home with the Bonnette's on their property. It was a picture perfect sight up until last week.

"We just pulled up and saw one of them throw something. Roger got out and saw our white duck had been killed very violently," Kathy explains.

Humane officers say two teenage boys used a PVC pipe, smashing the white duck for at least 30 feet down the road before killing it and its 10 eggs.

"She had been beat to where the neck bone had been protruding out the side," says Washington County Humane Officer, Misty Carpenter.

"This is a pretty brutal incident and it's just very heartless for anyone to do that, let alone two juveniles," says Washington County Sheriff's Office Dog Warden, Kelly McGilton.

The two 16 year old teens are now facing animal cruelty charges.

Deputy McGilton says, "studies have shown in the past that juveniles that are involved in animal cruelty and abuse, later on in life have issues with domestic violence and any crimes of violence such as that."

The Bonnette's just want to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"We just want these boys to learn something from this and turn things around and do what's best. What I'd like to see these boys do is instead of random acts of violence, chose random acts of kindness," Kathy says.

The Bonnette's say their main concern is for the mallard duck who's been looking for his mate.

The Humane Society Of The Ohio Valley was able to find another white duck to hopefully help bring him some comfort. They're delivering it to the Bonnette's from Huntington.

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