Texas Roadhouse Remembers Fmr. Hostess, Danielle Church

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Danielle Church was 18 and ready to graduate.

The Cutler teen was a senior at Warren High School. She also worked at Texas Roadhouse in Parkersburg where we're told she was good friends with many of her co-workers.

Since January, the teenager worked the hostess stand and greeted customers with a smile. It's a grin her former boss will miss.

Five years at the Ohio Ave. location, manager Chuck Henderson is experiencing a new moment, but one he hoped he'd never see.

Henderson says Danielle was like a family member, that she brought great energy to the restaurant, and all of his staff enjoyed working with her.

"She was awesome. The three to four months she's been here, she's been nothing but great. She's friends with everybody here. She lights up the hostess stand, just a pleasure to be around. She was eager to learn. She knew all the positions at the hostess stand. She really excelled at her job and we're going to miss her," said Henderson.

A small memorial with candles and flowers is now at the front of the restaurant in memory of Church. Henderson says the other hostesses put it together. So while Danielle can no longer greet customers, her spirit still can.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Warren High School.

Texas Roadhouse will donate 600 of their appetizer rolls to an upcoming benefit for the Church family.