Thanking Du Pont Washington Works For Its 65 Years Of Community Service

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A night of thanks on 65 years of service.

The Vienna City Council took time out of their Thursday night meeting to recognize Du Pont Washington Works on its 65th anniversary.

Du Pont has been a major employer and contributor to the valley in various positive ways.

Workers at the plant say they are pleased to give back to a community they truly love.

And Mayor Randy Rapp says the city simply wanted to say thank you.

"Well, I always believed in it never hurts to say thank you and we can't say thank you enough. They contributed so much and manpower and financial resources and all the things to make our valley better and make our lives better," says Rapp.

Du Pont Washington Works is one of the longest standing partners in education.

They work with Parkersburg High School.

The Ohio River Sweep and the Hazardous Waste Pick Up Days are among the events they help sponsor each year.

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