Thanking Lincoln For Making West Virginia A State

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He was an instrumental part in making West Virginia a state.

And Sunday, people got to meet former president, Abraham Lincoln.

"It's something that we felt was appropriate since Lincoln let us sign in as the 35th state and it's also a tribute to him that we have the union troops salute him as he comes in," says Carlin's Battery D Captain, Jim Miracle.

Lincoln along with the first lady, Mary Todd, made their way to the shelter as the Union Troops saluted them.

Lincoln shared stories of how two states separated to form West Virginia.

"During that time, the western representatives got together, formed their own group. They started proceedings to separate from Virginia," added John King who portrayed Lincoln.

But it wasn't an easy process.

"With a lot of care and thought, my cabinet, I took it to them and asked them for their opinion on it, they were divided evenly, half of them were for it and half against it and eventually, I thought that the state constitutions would allow a procedure if they voted for it," replied King.

And West Virginians are thanking Lincoln for being the reason they can celebrate 150 years as a state.

"It could only be a positive thing, there's many lessons that could be drawn from the conflict of the 1860s and his would be a large one that we could learn from," said John Belcher.

"It's good that he come here and talk and explain things because a lot of stuff are not told in the schools you know, it's not taught and the kids are missing out on the history of how a state become a state," says Tracy Welsh.

A history lesson they will never forget.

John King who portrayed Abraham Lincoln, got to interact with people and participated in a period church service.

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