The 81st Year Of The Belpre Homecoming Ends Successfully

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Saturday marked the last day of the 81st annual Belpre Homecoming at Civitan Park.

The rainy weather didn't stop people from going on the rides, playing games and enjoying live entertainment.

Members of the Belpre Chambers of Commerce was pleased with the large turnout this year.

We spoke to some people on their thoughts on this year's homecoming.

"I liked the rides and the great weather here is great and there's just great people here," says Ashton Lafatch.

"Well I love it. I come here every single year and this is the first time I'm working in a booth. I'm working in the youth chambers of commerce." added Skyla Bartlett.

"It's been great, the weather's been great except just a little bit of rain here shortly ago but we still got a lot of people here, a lot of things going on," replied Brenda Dennis.

Finishing up the weekend, events Saturday night included the duck pluck and Titus Canbe hitting the stage.

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