The American Radio Relay League Field Day

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The Parkersburg Amateur Radio Klub took part in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day Sunday morning.

Members of the amateur radio klub competed in a contest that required them to contact as many other stations as possible.

Each year, the ARRL Field Day takes place every fourth weekend in June.

The radio amateurs contacted stations from across the nation and internationally.

They also learned to operate radio gear in abnormal situations.

"It's an exercise and we learn to work with each other. Normally when you talk to people, you don't talk eyeball to eyeball, human to human," says former Parkersburg Amateur Radio Klub President, Blaine Auville.

The amateurs uses their radio emergency skills when helping out at various events such as marathons, celebrations and fundraisers.

While some treat the ARRL Field Day as a contest, others used it to practice their capabilities.

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