The Annual Ice Cream Social

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An ice cream sundae on a Sunday all for a great cause.

The Annual Ice Cream Social drew large crowds in Marietta Sunday afternoon.

Kids and parents alike took advantage of the nice weather enjoying the classic vanilla ice cream along with some chocolate syrup and other tasty toppings.

They also got to enjoy free entertainment and socialize with family and friends.

Another great way to help the community beat the heat this summer.

"The ice cream was really good and you get to hang out with family and friends and stuff like that," says Megan Kelley.

"Well, it's really fun, I've been eating a lot and a lot of ice cream and I have a popsicle right now," added Grace Cox.

People also got to eat all the ice cream they can eat at the event.

All proceeds will help benefit the "Healthy Kids Appalachia" Hunger Program and the Southeastern Ohio Food Bank.

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