The Community's Thoughts On Stadium Field Closing

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Parkersburg High School's insurance company discovered cracked concrete and rusted support beams.

The school hasn't had a major renovation done on the stadium since the early 1990's.

Wood County Schools Superintendent, Doctor Patrick Law says there's not a budget in place but he's working to get immediate help.

In the mean time, the district will heavily depend on the booster clubs for financial support.

A proposal will be made for an architect to come and begin creating a new design for the stadium.

WTAP asked several people today about their thoughts on the closing of stadium field.

"I think it's a little bit surprising believe it or not because if it act like it was a real kept up stadium, I guess like some paint chipping off now and then," says Matt Papesh.

"Well first off, I think that's kind of bad planning on the school's part that they didn't have any back up money to get those because those are probably still the original ones whenever they built the school," says Michael Swisher.

"I think it's a shame. I like to be able to see it be repaired and be brought back up to order so we can continue to have the games and such forth there," says Greg Berry.

"I think that they should do it, I mean the stadium has been open for the longest time and if it's not up to code, then it's not up to code," says Anna Perry.

Dr. Law says arrangements will be made for spring sports team that play their home games at stadium field.

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