The Final Votes Are In

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The Washington County Board of Elections spent Monday voting on provisional ballots.

Board members thought these votes may make a difference in a few close races, but they didn't change any results.

Ron Feathers beat out incumbent County Commissioner Cora Marshall in a close race, but Feathers stays on top.

The Children Services Levy still failed, but provisional ballots tightened the margin by about 200 votes.

"We've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks. And the other thing we've been doing is actually auditing the books so if there's anything far off in the way of counts we know to go look to make sure no other votes need to be run through, but we didn't find any big surprises in that respect, but it is a pretty time consuming process and we've been working on that very diligently since election day," says Deputy Director of Elections Peggy Byers.

Byers says now the process starts all over again. Anyone thinking of running in the May primary needs to start hitting the campaign trail.

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