The "Fiscal Cliff" And Local Budgets

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Cities such as Parkersburg and well as states such as West Virginia and Ohio...won't be preparing new budgets until well into 2013.

But local governments such as Marietta and Washington County are doing it right now. Their budget years begin that same January first day those federal spending cuts potentially begin. They right now are getting budget requests from departments.

The City of Belpre begins each year out with a temporary appropriation, something which usually covers the first quarter of the year. Mayor Mike Lorentz says Belpre isn't spending any money that isn't already in the bank.

Residents we spoke to take a similar approach to their own personal budgets.

"I don't spend a whole lot...some people say I'm tight," said Newport resident Chaz Murphy.

"We're pretty tight on how we spend; we're not frivolous," added Jackie Wolfer of Layman. "We budget very well."

Ehile local leaders might be concerned about how spending cuts might affect some government grant programs, there's concern less spending by residents, due to higher taxes, might result in a "hit" to the local economy, in terms of less sales tax dollars.

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