The Fourth Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt

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Hundreds of kids at Civitan Park wasted no time running out in the field grabbing Easter eggs.

It's all part of the fourth annual Community Easter egg hunt.

"Well, I saw a need in my community for Easter egg hunts and for just things that the youth in our community can do, something the little kids could be interested in and could be involved in our community," says Community Easter Egg Hunt Founder, Alex Lowe.

Community groups along with churches helped put together more than 10,000 Easter eggs for the event.

The kids really enjoy every minute of filling their baskets full of goodies.

"It was really fun and they had a prize egg that I didn't find but it was really fun," added Katey Alloway.

"I just like stuff that's like Easter egg hunting and all that. I think it's a good challenge to see if you can get this or that first," replied Kaiden Riffle.

After the Easter egg hunt, the kids stood in line to get a chance to meet the Easter bunny.

The day hopped along and was a big hit.

"It is amazing. I love it. It means so much to me to watch the looks of these kids faces when they get the eggs. It is so rewarding," Lowe said.

The local Girl and Boy Scouts, Belpre Youth Chamber and City Council were among the community groups putting together the 10,000 Easter eggs.

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