The Future of Park Shopping Center

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The oldest shopping center in the state gets some love after contributing to Parkersburg business for 56 years.

Mayor Bob Newell says Park Shopping Center was built when downtown Parkersburg was still vibrant with retail.

It survived big changes, including no business on Sunday (per the Blue Laws of the 80s) and the opening of the Grand Central Mall.

"They're wanting to do some capital improvements down there and of course the city has agreed to partner with them on some things," Newell says. "That is, some different ingress and egress out of the shopping center, a traffic light that city council approved to pay for last year and whatever else we can do to help them."

The mayor says the center is usually pretty full but they still have one big vacancy they want to fill and he's certain it'll happen eventually.

After all the transformations and renovations over the years, it has the city's support.

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