The Grand Opening Of A New Nature Trail

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The Mountwood Park Campgrounds' Nature Trail officially opened Sunday afternoon.

People camping out there will have the opportunity to see various different trees, signs and have a choice of walking a short or long trail along the way.

This is the second nature trail that opened up since the first one at Mountwood Park was available to the public last year.

It's a good way to have campers and especially visitors more exposed to the nature life in West Virginia.

"I think the fact that the signs and the trees are marked and you don't have to have someone there with you at all times to interpret them and also you don't have to have a slip of paper and get it from someone to go around and try to find the items yourself just out number it that way," says Friends Of Mountwood Park President, Peggy Squires.

Everyone attending the ceremony got a first look at the new nature trail.

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