The Moccasin Rangers of West Virginia

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People in Marietta got a taste of history on the Mountain State Thursday.

It's all part of the Campus Martius Museum's Civil War Roundtable of the Mid Ohio Valley.

George Hall spoke to people about the Moccasin Rangers and related incidents that followed the Civil War in West Virginia.

The Parkersburg native is the author of the book, "Civilian War in West Virginia, The Moccasin Rangers".

Moccasin Rangers were a loose-knit band of confederate sympathizers organized in Calhoun, Webster and Braxton counties.

These counties were used to operate behind union lines.

Hall wants people to know the significance of the Moccasin Rangers in the Mountain State.

"My personal interest in it started when I found my family history took my ancestors back to one of the union regiments that fought with Moccasin Rangers in West Virginia. And they were a Marietta based unit, the 36th Ohio," says Historian and Author, George Hall.

Hall's book was published in 2011.

It can be purchased online at

Small donations were to help defray the cost of Hall speaking at the museum.

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