The Nina and Pinta Come to Marietta

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History right here in the Pioneer City, the Nina and Pinta docked at the harbor for all to see.

"I like to learn about historical things and it's really fun to see ships from long ago," says Eliza Lawrentz, an eight-year-old from Parkersburg.

Traveling museums with a stop in the Pioneer City to teach and delight people in the Valley.

"Both of these ships were built down in Brazil," says Stephen Sanger, captain aboard the Nina. "The Nina that we have is an exact replica of what we would have seen back in the 15th century. She was constructed only using hand tools and they were both constructed by eighth generation Portuguese shipwrights."

History right here in Marietta, the Nina and Pinta docked at the harbor for all to see.

"I love our country and everything that has to do with the history of our country and our founding fathers and so I wanted to come and see the replicas," says Lynn Cunningham, a missionary in the Dominican Republic who was visiting family in the area.

A school group who also wanted to take in America's heritage.

"We are just right across the river so it makes it nice and convenient for us to walk on over," says Kelly Roe, a teacher at Harmar Elementary School. "In social studies they've been talking about Christopher Columbus and these different things so it made a good trip."

The traveling museums are open to the public everyday from 9 AM TO 6 PM through October 21st.
Teachers and Organizations may schedule a thirty minute guided tour with a crew member.
Admission is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors over 60, $6 for students 5 to 16 and free for children 4 and under.

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