The "Right" Thing To Do

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Updated: 3/05/2013 6:05 P.M.

$20,000 is going to area food pantries, thanks in part to a weekend fundraiser in Marietta.

The Righditarod Race Against Hunger collected more than 45 bags of food items, to help stock area food pantries.

In spite of the weather, 15 teams took part in Saturday's event-mostly made up, according to organizers, of elementary, middle, high school and college students.

The money raised includes donations from the Righditarod, as well as the Dominion East Pantry Food Challenge, ...and Right Path's donation of money from last summer's Broughton Ice Cream Social.


Aside from the timing with the annual sled dog race, the purpose behind the Marietta "Righditarod" is to raise funds for local food pantries.

An organizer says, regardless of the state of the economy, there are families for whom the need is always there.

"You never know when a family might have to take advantage of a food pantry," says organizer Lynn Doebrich. "We have terrible storms that are hitting, and families who have never had to use a food pantry before, now has to use them. It's a year-round thing."

Over the course of a couple of hours, costumed runners-armed with shopping carts-completed a obstacle course while raising awareness throughout Marietta.

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