The Right Way Of Disposing The American Flag

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It's a day to honor the stars and stripes.

Not only to remember what the American flag stands for but how to respect the highly touted symbol of freedom.

Members of the American Legion Post 15 demonstrate how to properly dispose of an American flag at their annual Flag Day celebration.

People brought old tattered flags that need to be replaced.

But flags aren't just supposed to be thrown away.

So the long standing tradition to burn flags lives on.

"These flags have fallen over the graves of many heroes and many men in this country and they are our most sacred symbol of the United States of America," says American Legion Post 15 Commander, James Viers.

The Parkersburg Post 15 are still taking any torn or unused American flags to properly dispose.

You can drop them off at their post on Ohio Avenue across from the Traffic Circle McDonald's.

For more information, please call the American Legion Post 15 at 304-485-5891 or visit their Facebook page.

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