The Secession Movement

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Could West Virginia-or, for that matter, any other state-leave the United States?

There are people who want that to happen.

A Vienna man has begun a petition calling for the Mountain State to secede from the union, and has gotten several thousand "e-signatures".
the question is: is that legal?

A professor at West Virginia University at Parkersburg says no.

"I think it has a lot to do with the election, and how close it was, but I also think a lot of people were unhappy with the results," says Political Science Professor Rob Anderson. "So, I can see this secession movement being more along the lines of the results, and a spontaneous reaction."

The movement isn't confined to West Virginia.

States across the nation have begun petition drives of their own.
among them is Texas, who, like the Mountain State, was won by Republican Mitt Romney in last Tuesday's election.

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