The Seventh Annual Father's Day Dice Run

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The rain didn't stop the Valley Riders in Marietta of having its seventh annual Father's Day Dice Run Sunday morning.

And they're doing it to honor the late Donnie Hughes of the Moose Riders.

The bikers made five stops in Washington, Athens and Noble Counties.

When they arrived at their destination, they had to roll the dice.

Whoever had the highest number throughout the run, received a Valley Riders glass mug.

The Valley Riders are raising money to help local charities.

"It seems like a really good thing. It makes you feel good about yourself and you're helping people, so that makes you feel good too. And the feedback you get from the people that you help is really good," says Valley Riders President, Curt Benson.

Bikers also got to participate in a raffle ticket drawing.

Toys for Tots is one of the local charities the Valley Riders are raising money for.

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