Impact of Storm on Tourism

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As people continue to pick up the pieces in the recent aftermath of the storm that hit the Mid-Ohio Valley, how each one spends their money and whether a vacation or getaway seems within reach is very individual.

"A lot of people are still recovering from the storm in a variety of ways and as far as their ability to take vacations this summer, a lot of that is going to come down to individual cases and how badly they were affected," says Mark Lewis, president and CEO elect of the Greater Parkersburg Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Some area attractions were considerably affected by the storm but cleaned up and reopened in a timely manner for the community and tourists to enjoy.

"We did have some significant damage to our state parks -- Blennerhassett Island State Park and North Bend but both of those attractions were open by the weekend, which was a great testament to the workers there getting them back open with all the tree damage that they suffered," Lewis says.

If the storm has left you weary, consider a staycation to a local park, museum or festival since Parkersburg is rich in history.

"For families and individuals who may be rethinking taking a long vacation after the storm, there's lots of stuff here in the area, some amazing things to see that a lot of people I don't think have experienced," Lewis says. "The Oil and Gas Museum and the oil and gas history and heritage is something that is particularly neat."

There's no better time than now to do something for yourself, unwind and have a little fun.

"After an experience like the storm, I think it's even more important for people to take some time for themselves when they can and get out and take a vacation with their family," Lewis says.

Supporting local tourism can take many forms and for resident Stacy O'Dell, that means doing home improvement.

"We are busy renovating some properties that we have," Odell says. "So we are contributing to the economy that way but we aren't going on vacation 'til we finish."

The recent storm made life very difficult for many people in the area, but tourism is still alive and well.