The Valley Reacts to Colorado Shooting

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A tragedy on the other side of the country has people across the nation and right here in the Valley feeling for those victims and families.

"Lots of prayers go out to them you know, they're comic book fans and they just went out to go see a movie and it's terrible," says Marietta resident, Shane Farley.

One of the biggest movie releases of the year... ends in a tragedy no one could've expected.

"And I thought it was a good movie, an awesome experience and I woke up this morning and got on the computer and thought I was going to see all this great stuff about the movie and then I saw what happened on the news... and I was appalled," says Farley.

Millions like these two, turn on the news today to find 12 people dead and over 70 injured in Colorado.

"And I know the sense of loss where everyone is excited to go see the premiere of the opening of batman only to lose family members, I feel terrible. I can't help," says one Marietta man.

A devastating tragedy that has opened a lot of eyes.
Many say they won't let the actions of this one man... change their everyday life.
But Police say its a chance to stay more alert.

"What we'll do is ask the public to be more aware, better awareness of individuals around them, look for things that don't look right, that look out of place," says Marietta Police Captain Jeff Waite.

"I don't know that it would stop me but I think I would be more cautious and if I saw something, like somebody going in and out of an exit I think I would get up and go say something that maybe I wouldn't have before. I think we all need to be that way, for good and bad reasons," says one Marietta woman who says her heart goes out to everyone involved.

Its a tragedy leaving everyone a little thankful for their own life and family.

"Obviously it happened and trying to respond to that in Colorado and the folks to calm them down and to go back to normalcy and get families healed... is what needs to be done now," says the Marietta man.

"I think we should keep all of them in our prayers and it's got to be awfully hard on his parents as well," continues the Marietta woman.

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