The Williamstown Wetlands Gets a Makeover

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That unsightly blob of green in Williamstown is a shining green star now.

"I think it's a wonderful, wonderful educational program and to be so close to where we can see it and enjoy it," says Joyce Williams of Marietta.

Not everyone shares the same sentiment.

"We invited a corp of engineers, we thought they were the people that should come, so when we told them what our plans were, they said 'Oh, you really think you're doing to do that, well, we don't think so - we don't think you're going to disturb the wetlands,'" says Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford.

For the longest time, many just wanted the wetlands to go away, but it seems things have changed.

"This area was viewed by many when we first started as almost an eyesore, in fact it was called the Williamstown swamp, and it was a negative connotation to it and today it's viewed by many as being a benefit."

Without a doubt, being immersed in nature everyday is a humbling experience.

"To be able to come in, revitalize this wetland, clean it up and install a trail that would be here for the test of times and to give back to the community is probably one of the nicest projects I've worked on over the years," says Jeff Westfall of the Citizens Conservation Corp.

Who better to take in all this lush vegetation than local kids who can become junior botanists in a day.

"I think they'll have an opportunity with their science teachers to come out and really become more familiar with a hands-on environment conservation... conservation is everybody's business," says Bob Buchanan of the Little Kanawha Conservation District.

For Joyce, having open space in her own backyard is an all out winner and one she plans on frequenting regularly as a botany student.

"Identifying and looking at all the plants in the wetland," Joyce says.

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