The Worst Christmas Gift Ever

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For some, Christmas is time for families and friends to exchange gifts.

But did you ever get a present that you just wish you could run and take back?

Families around the world are giving out presents to loved ones.

Some received the best Christmas presents they could ask for while others just can't wait to take it back for a refund.

Gift giving always comes with the best of intentions but sometimes the givers just miss the mark completely.

We spoke to several people this afternoon about the worst gifts they've ever gotten.

"Worst gift I ever got for Christmas is a plaid turtleneck. It was horrible, it had all these stripes all over it," says Eric Murphy.
"When I was little, I got a bunch of blocks. Half of them were missing and I didn't have enough to put anything together," added Betty Lafferre.
"The ugly sweater my girlfriend got for me for the ugly sweater party this year. It's pretty ugly," Brandon Harshbarger said.

Some people say their best gift on Christmas is being with their families for the holidays.

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