The Gift Of Adoption

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Some will be opening their gifts on Christmas Day...hoping for a puppy -- or a kitten.

And while humane societies encourage that ...they suggest some ideas to make sure it's a gift they'll cherish.

Pets can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a nuiscance, especially if they get into decorations or holiday food.

And the Parkersburg Humane Society suggests you try to find a pet that's compatable with yours...or the recipient'

"Based on energy level, based on where you live, based on how you plan to use the pet for entertainment," says humane officer Diane Modesitt. "For instance, if they like boating or playing with kids. It has a lot to do with what you pick and choose."

Modesitt says people have to remember that a dog or cat is much like a small has to be watched practically around the clock.

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