The Great Cloth Diaper Event

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Earth Day may have been Friday but Saturday afternoon Eco-friendly families did their part in helping Mother Nature.

A group of local mom and dads set aside some of their day to change their babies from disposable to cloth diapers at the great cloth diaper change. The event was to help raise awareness about the ecological effects of using disposable diapers that can clog up a landfills and irritate your baby.

"There are a lot of petroleum byproducts that go into disposable diapers," says Amanda Hearn, event organizer." There are chemicals in the liners of the diapers and those can get onto you baby's bottom."

"Every baby out there from the time that they are born until they are potty trained they are putting 1,000 tons of waste into landfills. It's crazy amounts of trash you are sticking into the landfill," adds organizer Shawn Low.

Hearn and Low say the will be bringing The Great Cloth Diaper Event back next year.

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