The Hope House Offers Help

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The Hope House opens in Downtown Parkersburg to help those in need.The Hope House opened last week and the founder, Roger Reid, says they've already served over sixty people in the week.

Reid said he has opened this house to give people hope. He explains he is thankful for the donations from local churches but says he still needs donations and volunteers.

"We've got a food pantry, a clothing pantry, and we sell things in our thrift shop to help people out with their utilities," says Reid. "And we try and help them find a place to live.".

He says he even has agreements with a local college and offers possible job opportunities for those who need them. Reid says this non-profit will take work but be worth it once more people start using his services.

The thrift store is located on Eighth Street in Parkersburg where donations and volunteers are welcome.

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