The Masquerade Ball

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Spring may be a few weeks away but one local paper made sure the Marietta community had a way to beat the winter blues.

The Anchor, a bi-monthly publication in Marietta, presented The Masquerade Ball complete with food, masks, entertainment and an enchanting atmosphere. Guests were asked to come dressed in their best masquerade outfit and enjoy an evening centered around community and fun. Organizers say the event was a team effort.

"We really wanted to get the community moving again. We know that its been a long time since people had the chance to get out and get dressed up. So, that was our main goal," says James Maddox, of The Anchor. "It takes a lot of people. We have had an amazing amount of support. From our designers, to our organizers, to our promotions. The band is amazing and they are pulling out all the stops to give an amazing show to the people."

No word yet if The Anchor will make the ball an annual event.

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