The Pioneer City Has... A Sister?

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What does Marietta and Rutland, Massachusetts have in common? One very important historical figure.

Rufus Putnam was born and raised in Rutland, Massachusetts before establishing the Ohio Company that purchased what we know today as Marietta.

Saturday afternoon Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews along with City Council, Marietta College and the Campus Martius Museum proclaimed Rutland as Marietta's Sister City.

"I think it means a lot to be a Sister City with different towns because you can share and compare ideas about what they did back then and what we do today," Matthews says. "It's just nice to be able to compare these notes and I know we've been Sister Citys with other towns before but I think its kind of neat linking up with the Putnam's name and everything with Marietta, Ohio."

Dozens were on hand to hear the official proclamation at the Campus Martius Museum.

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