The Race For Washington County Sheriff

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Chris Forshey has officially announced he is seeking the position of Washington County Sheriff in the upcoming November election.

Forshey tells WTAP he has over 32 years of law enforcement experience.

Originally from Marietta, Forshey served as Criminal Division Commander for Washington County until 1992.
He also served for the Sheriff's Office in the early 1980s then transferring to the Parkersburg Police.
He most recently served as Chief of Police for the City of Pataskala, retiring in 2010.
Forshey has also received the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association Medal of Honor and received the Distinguished Service Medal.

Forshey says he hopes to get the Sheriff's Office back to the basics much like when he use to work there in the 1990s and 2000s.

"The model that worked even though the sales tax is 20 years old, the model that worked solid for 15 years was a very efficient and effective model and we've strayed from that. And my campaign getting back to basics, doing things the right way we did things back in the 90s back in 2000s I think made a much more efficient Sheriff's Office," explains Forshey.

He says the current Sheriff's Office has created a lot of higher positions-- leaving less deputies to do the everyday work.

"And obviously supervisors you're paying them more, it's causing a little more budget problems for you there so we want to get back to the basics, back to a very efficient model that supervises the model but puts people out in the neighborhood, puts road deputies out on the road," says Forshey.

Current Sheriff Larry Mincks has served for 45 years, holding the Sheriff's position for past 7 years.

Sheriff Mincks tells WTAP he previously served in the Air Force, IRS, Drug Enforcement Task force and Ohio State Highway Patrol prior to the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Mincks says it's about experience and being able to grow with the changes and he hopes to continue to keep improving.

"The addicts are probably related to 80 or 90 percent of our crimes. We are constantly investigating the thefts of drugs, the people that were on drugs when they stole something to buy more drugs so we have changed significantly since the 90s so I think that we need to continue to move forward with progress," explains Sheriff Mincks.

Sheriff Mincks says he is proud of the entire office and provides opportunities so the Sheriff's Office can keep the best at hand.

He says the office has done more than expected to keeping a budget.

"Now we have a complex organization, we are investigating more complex crimes, the types of crimes, then and now have changes and you know we have to move in that direction," explains Mincks.

Washington County voters can take to the polls in November to decide who will take the Sheriff's seat.

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